Terms and Conditions

In this section of terms and conditions, we place our set of boundaries that we impose on ourselves regarding our services, and that imposed on you regarding your behavior and activity on our website. This is done to create a peaceful environment and to build trust with our worthy customers. We assure you of the safe experience here with us and request you read all the terms and abide by them to be safe and friendly. If you don’t feel like following these terms then you are requested to not follow our website. Triobazzar.com is capable of any amendments, updates, and alterations in these terms and conditions and you still have to follow them. If you use our website that means you accept our terms and conditions.

Information Use

Triobazzar.com can use your information only to process your orders and as long as you are connected with it. After the relationship ends we tend to erase your information from our database and cannot use it for any other purpose as per law. We use cookies to get your personal information and that too by your consent. You can delete these cookies easily by your side if you don’t want us to have your information. We are not allowed to use your information other than Triobazzar.com neither can we leak it nor sell it to any other company.

Your Duty

Your call is to completely follow the terms and conditions and behave accordingly. Respect the website and staff and be humble to be served in a much better way.

Your Right

It is your right to contact us for any sort of query either relating to the website or relating to your information. You can check the information we have of yours and can ask to update it in any sort of confusion or error. We’ll be at your service 24/7 with the very humble and keen people. Feel free to contact us on the given information in any need.